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Overtime Academy is an Augusta basketball training organization that teaches players how to think the game through. Watch the video above to learn exactly how we can help you or your athlete become a better player.


My Basketball Journey


Hey! My name is Coach Chris Robinson and I am the founder of Overtime Academy.

I began playing basketball at the age of 11. My late start to the game meant I was years behind my peers in skills and confidence.

In fact, the first time I was passed the ball in a real game, I ran with it. Thankfully, I improved over the next couple of years and by the time I was in 8th grade I felt ready to try out for the team. Unfortunately I was the last player to be cut from the team.

I was sad but still wanted to grow as a player. So I asked the coach why I didn’t make the cut. His response stirred something in me, “You’re too short.” (I was 5’3 at the time and am only 5’8 now). I knew what he was really saying…”You’re not good enough to be as short as you are.”

So I set a new goal to make the JV team at my high school – regardless of my height. That summer, going into my freshman year of high school, I spent most of my free time in the gym or outside working on my game.  As a result I made my JV team, but barely.

After receiving very little playing time during the season I decided to ask the varsity coach what I needed to do to improve as a player and achieve my ultimate goal of playing college basketball. His response was even more shocking than the one I received from the middle school coach, “You’ll never play college basketball and the only reason I’m going to let you on the varsity team is because you’re a good cross country runner (he was also the cross country coach).”

I was outright discouraged after our conversation and spent the next few days pondering if I even wanted to keep playing basketball. I did. I loved the game to much to let setbacks or the unkind words of a coach stop me. So I told my dad about my conversation with the coach and we began exploring other schools for me to attend.

We ultimately chose a small private school and although the change in scenery was helpful, the real adjustment occurred during my summer workouts. I had the opportunity to work with a D1, female basketball player and my understanding of hard work grew as a result. We spent hours perfecting go-to moves, performing plyometrics and honing our craft. That year I was able to start half of my varsity team's games and would go on to be the full-time starter my junior year on a team that finished 25-3.

While I had become a much better basketball player leading up to my senior year, I still didn't have the one thing I wanted most – a basketball scholarship. So I spent the summer leading up to my senior year working harder than I ever had before. That meant waking up at 5am to play pick up, hitting the gym 6 hours later to lift weights (I gained 10lbs of muscle that summer), getting a 1.5 hour skills session in afterwards and depending on the day, play another game of pick-up in the evening. 

Although I was working my tail off, there where very few people outside of my family that thought I had a chance to earn a scholarship. I didn't care though. My focus was solely on becoming a great player.

The process worked. That year I led my team to a 24-6 finish as the only returning starter, scored 18ppg, won All-State, All-Area, All-Region and attended the Georgia vs. South Carolina Allstar game...and earned a scholarship! 

My journey wasn't over though. My college basketball experience was just as difficult and rewarding as the chapters before it. As a result, I became very strategic in my approach to player development. Now I am able to examine my players' games, break them down and provide the specific training, guidance and encouragement they need to reach their potential.

– Coach Chris

NOTE: Thank you for taking time to read about my story! If you’re ready to get your athlete started, you can find a link to my private and group training schedules in the navigation.